2016: A New Odyssey

As much as I’d like to bring the pain and bad memories of the previous year forward, it’s time to bury that hatchet and move on. 2016’s the year to quit messing around and start getting your shit in together.

Here are five of my 2016 New Year resolutions I’d like to see accomplish by year’s end:

1. Read a book a week
Being a notoriously slow reader, completing only a book a month isn’t gonna cut it for 2016. I’m putting my reading habits to the test this year in the hopes of knocking off more books than I put in from my to-read list.

I’ve taken inspiration from Amy McLay Paterson’s article and started a spreadsheet of my own here for anyone who wants to see my progress.

2. Get ripped
I’m closing in to my 30s and if I’m ever going to achieve the ‘George Clooney’ or ‘Daniel Craig’-look when I hit my 50s then now’s a good a time as any to start making those little changes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Aside from regular exercise, cutting down on sugar and upping my vegetable game are also part of the plan.

3. Be able to do the splits
I dabble a little in yoga and Muay Thai to know that being able to perform the splits not only improves your body’s overall flexibility, the stretching exercises involved can also help with chronic pains. Not to mention it looks ridiculously cool.

4. Wear more shirts
It’s one of those things that I’ve just decided to start doing simply because—like flossing or making the bed. These “adult chores” help get a kind of routine going for me and I’m hoping to develop more of these good habits over time, starting by looking dapper as fuck.

5. Blog at least once a month
It’s all about time management and prioritising what’s important. Everyone’s got their own commitments and individual schedules to worry about and ‘not having enough time’ is just another trite excuse for being lazy. I’m hoping to make more out of my time so expect to see at least 11 more posts this year, starting with this.

Ready, steady, go.