The Scorpion & the Frog.

“Don’t try to be someone your not.”
That is the golden rule.

It’s simple enough to follow through & easy enough to execute.
Having a certain sense of self-awareness to know who you are and of what your capable of helps you in understanding yourself better. It is individuals who are truly honest with themselves who remain genuine to their natures, regardless of external influences.

Like most people,  I too have developed my own personal set of rules. A certain “code of conduct” if you will, to which I choose to live my life and base my decisions upon. Some of these rules protect me from others, while some of them protect others from me…

To question everything is my virtue.
It is what provokes me to stand against what I suspect is wrong, and empowers me to engage in what I believe is right.

Compromising who you are is the worst possible thing to do. You could try to be someone your not, you could pretend to be different around someone you care about. But you can’t be two people at once, you’ll end up hating them more than you’ll ever love them.

It is the sad reality of human nature..
Have you heard about the story? About the Scorpion & the Frog?

The aim here is to see yourself for who you are & what you can be, as well as what you can not. I am capable of benevolence to which I do not share, and of horrible things to which I need not hide.

It has taken me awhile to understand these terms but I realize now where I belong & what I must do…



Something special

My excuse for procrastination is often blaming it on being too busy with life, when really it is just what it is, an excuse, and a weak one at that. There was a time when I didn’t have to take 10, 000 years to churn up some new writing. It used to be a weekly thing at most, but bad habits die hard..

“Life got in the way…”
I’d tell myself. When really it was just me getting in the way of my own individual.

I like to write, but I don’t anymore. At least not as much did back in the day.
And when you realize you don’t even have the time to do something you like, then what you’ve been even doing all this while?

I need to get my shit together. Youth is everything and I really don’t wanna waste anymore of it.
Plenty has happened and I have much to pen down. So hopefully I can gather my thoughts and draft something spectacular.

But at least I haven’t been completely passive..
Check out a little person project I’ve been working on for a couple months now. Its a little dead too but like they say, bad habits die hard.

Until next time…