And now you have it.

“The facts of life are very simple. In the beginning we feared everything — animals, the weather, the trees, the night sky — everything except each other.
Now we fear each other, and almost nothing else. No-one knows why anyone does anything. No-one tells the truth. No-one is happy. No-one is safe.
In the face of all that is so wrong with the world, the very worst thing you can do is survive. And yet you must survive.
It is this dilemma that makes us believe and cling to the lie that we have a soul, and that there is a God who cares about its fate.”

-Dider, Shantaram.


(I seriously can’t get enough of this book.)


The Great Sleeping Bag Debate.

I never expected this subject to be such a controversy. This topic is one of great significance & has been brought up rather frequently among all the backpacking forums and websites that I’ve visited.

The majority of most sites advise that when it comes to packing, bring only the essentials. If you normally wouldn’t use this back home, the chances that you might use them overseas is slim to none. The idea is to travel LIGHT. Most travelers make this mistake of bringing too much unnecessary shit and are forced to lug their formidable backpack awkwardly onto trains and buses, brushing & bumping up against everyone along the aisle and generally making you seem like a giant douche~

Your bag is your life. The smaller it is, the less it sticks out and the less vulnerable you will feel. It also gives you more room for souvenirs and won’t be such a nightmare on Motorbikes or Rickshaws.

Carrying a large bag may sound alright, its cool that you brought 10 pairs of pants and that niffty first aid kit packed with enough supplies to open up a small practice in Africa. But most of the time you’d just end up wearing the same pair of trousers over and over again. Unless, of course, your one of those mollycoddle twats who’s never done any laundry before in your entire life, then what are you even doing backpacking in the first place? As for first aid kits, I guess it is a good idea to bring a good set, just leave the morphine and poisonous-mushroom-antidote at home and try not to kick a rabid dog in the face or step on any landmines & you should be fine~

Same goes for all the other random junk you’d generally wouldn’t use at home. If you need to think twice whether or not to bring it, then don’t. Let someone else bring those portable speakers. Also, its a widely known fact that only wankers carry guitars around when traveling, so I’d digress.

From what I’ve gathered in many of the travel blogs and backpacking forum sites is that this isn’t the 1920s and you are generally able to locate cheap hostels with running water and a relatively comfortable bed to sleep in. So unless your traveling to some god forsaken part of the country, you got nothing to worry about..

However, where I’m going requires taking 17 hour train rides and 2-day bus rides up snowy mountain tops where a sleeping bag could very well save your life should you get stranded there above the snowy plains of the Himalayan for whatever reason.

Now, if you’d kindly refer back to when I’d mentioned bout how important it was to pack light, you can see my dilemma…

I’ve tried to weigh the Pros and Cons to try and determine my next course of action but I’m in such a pickle… On one hand, I do NOT fancy exploring the streets of New Delhi with a backpack the size of a small man, whilst on the other hand, should the moment arise, a sleeping bag could very well prevent me from hypothermia and freezing to death in the snowy alps.

Am I way over my head on this one? Good lord what am I getting myself into -_-

So erm.. yeah… let the comments roll~