Protagonist Armour~

Who would’ve imagined you would make it this far?
Few have even made the attempt, and none has succeeded.

Your mind flashes images of that day when the Antagonist and his group of renegade soldiers murdered your family and burned your village to the ground. You swore revenge and spent the last few years or so under going vigorously Martial Arts training as well as mastering various endurance techniques.

The Antagonist mocks you for attempting such foolishness. He announces how effortless it would be to annihilate you and proceeds to describe the many perverse ways in which he would dispose of your corpse, most of which involve dismemberment of some sort . You would perhaps be slightly ruffled had you not noticed he’s starting to sweat… You unsheathe your father’s blade and assume a battle stance~

The fight begins…

Swords crash with thunderous intent. You are calm, you are focused, but he is skilled. He draws first blood. A cut on your fore arm, not severe but it encumbers you. He laughs teasingly and continues to taunt you. It begins to pour violently for some reason. Possibly for dramatic effect.

The fight ensues…

You are severely wounded on several other places. Although you manage to return some attacks, it seems as though its not enough to hinder your opponent. The pain is constant. Blood drips down onto your leg from an abdominal wound. You stumble…
The gash is long and wide, you wonder how your innards have managed to refrain from spewing out. There is a lot of blood.

An exchange of words occur, mostly pertaining to you and your past. Hidden information on your parent’s death is slowly revealed to you and enrages you even further. He crackles at your feeble attempt to continue the fight. You lunge forward, he drives the tip of his cutlass into your shoulder.

Your cry could be heard a mile away. Its amazing how you’ve yet to pass out from the sheer torture of it all. He leans in closer, piercing the blade deeper into your chest, and mutters some discouraging words of your failure and soon to be demise. You fall to the ground as he pulls his blade out. You check to see if your heart’s fallen out. You were almost certain his sword had punctured a vital organ of some kind. Guess not…

You are defeated, or so he thinks. He faces his back towards you, big mistake…

He turns around just in time to see your sword between his eyes as you proceed to stab him in the face. He falls over the ledge into a vat of toxic chemicals conveniently positioned behind him and then proceeds to die a gloriously cinematic death.

Lights flash and alarms go off. The building is about to explode all of a sudden. Must be bad luck I guess….
Before you know it, the entire building is engulfed in flames. In an attempt to escape you smash through a window and leap out of the burning inferno just as it explodes in a fantastic display of light sending millions upon billions of little tiny shrapnel your way, all of which you miraculously dodged, and you splash landed in a generic swimming pool that had apparently been located right beneath the 20-storey window from where you so causally leaped out from…

You emerge from the pool unscathed, unbeknownst as to how you managed to survive let alone still be able to so much as even move from all your wounds. I mean, the fact that your still standing from the ordeal is starting to become a tad suspicious~

Nonetheless, the you have defeated your nemesis. A helicopter comes and picks you up, along with half of the city’s police department and army, you tell them everything’s fine now, the bad guy’s been dead. They have so many questions, you begin unfolding the tale. For someone who just got stabbed a couple of times and fallen out of a 20-storey building, you sure seem to be able to hold a conversation without any medical treatment of any kind yet…

Fancy that…


a lost art.

“Your TOO friendly.”
How does that even make sense? How can someone be too friendly?
Is that even possible? To be overwhelmingly sociable?

Apparently it can be… at least that’s how the people in this city think.  Everyone’s so caught up in our own routines and blindly driven by the need to live up to society’s standards that any person who so much as tries to get intimate is seen as a threat. It blows my mind to even wonder how an individual could think that way….

I’m saddened at how most people in this bubble of a city would assume automatically that a welcoming disposition could be seen as anything other than favorable. Are people so apprehensive to so much as reciprocate an on-going conversation? Are we as a society THAT doubtful of another human being’s intentions??

“Your Too friendly…”
BAHH… I reject the statement, I reject your reality and I substitute it with my own…
I refuse to be anyone less of who I am and I refuse to conform to society’s definition of a typical, who’s only characteristic other than being snobbish, impolite and unreceptive, include the lack of both wit and self-awareness. Seriously, you know it’s time to leave when everyone around thinks behaviour like this is acceptable.

I’m not too friendly, it’s everyone else that’s too UN-friendly. Get off your high horse and learn some god damn social etiquette. Start with some fuckin’ eye contact, you people have no idea what  unforgivable rudeness it is to not look at the person whom you are talking to.

Another advice would be to Question EVERYTHING, or did you forget that we’re a democracy? Just because the government says its good for us doesn’t actually mean its GOOD for us and you’ll be daft for thinking anything otherwise.

When you were young, your parents would tell you not to talk to strangers.
When in reality, if you don’t talk to strangers, you’ll never meet anyone new….