a more colourful and easier somewhere else~

What’s the earliest memory you have?

I think the earliest memory which i can remember was of this toy rifle i had when i was a toddler. It was blue & yellow, made of hard yet hollow plastic and it had a little plug that capped the muzzle with a string attached to it. You had to cock it and pull the trigger to shoot the plug out.

I loved that thing.. shot many imaginary monsters with it & carried it everywhere i went.  I knew i loved it cause one time I got my forearm pinched by the catch of the rifle and it hurt alot. I cried horribly & ran to confide in my mother.. when she offered to remove the weapon away from me… 

I aimed it at her & pulled the trigger~


Tell me about your best friend.

I have alot of friends. There’s Cedric, whom I see almost everyday. We met in army and become as close as 2 men could possibly be without being accused of homosexuality.

He’s often accompanied by Jess, his girlfriend, who i sometimes feel responsible to take care of as much as he does since we’re almost like a family.. There is Victor, my closest guy friend in secondary school. Though we hardly met as often as we want, there were never much secrets between us.

Theres Cass, or Bunny, whom i met in poly. She’s an incredible listener and despite her being in Austrailia now, we still make an effort to communicate through various means, we still have alot of things we don’t know about each other, but its comforting to know she’s always there.

But i guess the title for “Best Friend” has to go to Huda.. we were secondary schoolmates and back then i often hung out with the malay folk instead of the chinese-es on the count of my inability to speak my own native tongue. (Which, even till this day, threatens my very survival in this country.) She wasn’t like the other teens back in the day always pretending to be someone their not.. she didn’t have to be. She was smart & talented, she represented the school countless of times in the regional dance competitions, and most importantly, she was popular, and everyone liked her.

Its 10 years later, and our relationship is as strong as ever. We’re both adults now just trying to keep each other sane from the oh so cruel world.. and im confident we’ll still be doing it for another 10 more~


What kind of books (TV shows/movies/video games) do you like? Why?

I like books that have some kind of message, be it a political view or something that has an anthropological philisophy behind it. Im currently reading “HOW TO MAKE A SERIAL KILLER” by Christopher Berry-Dee & Steven Morris which brings forth the compelling yet controversial question of if we are born to kill.. whether some of us are destined to be killers & that society has nothing to do with it, or can something in fact be done to influence us away from the evils of murder… it kinda shows u the prespective of a serial killer & that how, had they managed to live a more peaceful  life, might not have went down a road of Violence & Cruelty.. its pretty intriguing~

I also like my movies the same way actually.. I’m a big movie buff and I endulge in alot of great films like the 1957 classic “12 Angry Men” & the Alfred Hitchcock movies, to the modern day Scorsese flims. As long as its facinating & controversial, i’ll watch it~


What do you think is the biggest problem in the world today? What do you think people should do about it?

Honestly, i think people are the biggest problem in the world today… Everything thats going wrong in society today, from Wars to Global Warming, its all gotta do with us. Everyone has indifferences and i guess sometimes when we don’t get along as an individual or as a society, we make bad decisions which affect others in the process.

I dont even know where to start….

People sometimes live in their own worlds and not take into consideration the feelings and emotions of others and something as simple as that can spark an entire pandemic. Bottom line, i think society need to take a step back once in awhile and see what their doing to one another cause this shit’s messed up~


If I asked you to cook me dinner, what would you make me?

Friends who know me well enough will know that i have an incredible love for Italian Cuisine. Everything about Italian cooking has a sense of nostalgia. The smell from the herbs & spices used in any italian dish is always a comforting scent.. Not to mention that its relatively easy too prepare as well. I mean, with all the canned Pasta sauces & oven-baked pizzas, everyone can have a taste of the Mediterranean~


Tell me what you think is the sexiest thing about yourself?

Ha.. I think that’s rather subjective isn’t it?
But if i had to choose, i’d say it would be my individuality. To my friends, im considered excentric, but to those who don’t know me that well, i might seem rather weird. Then again, we all have little quirks of our own..

We’re social animals, so we all wrestle with a sense of inadequacy sometimes. But when you realize that everybody also thinks their inadequate, then the fear goes away.. and we realize that we’re not as odd as we thought we were…

But it takes time and effort to get to really know someone. My philosophy in life is simply to talk to anyone & everyone… you’ll never know who could be a potential friend unless you talk to them. I’m often turned off by people who have a fear for socializing, they really dont know wad they could be missing out on…

Take for example, a person standing next to u on the train or a college from work u never talk to… theres always the slightest chance that that stranger shares the same liking for chinese food, or listens to the same band that u listen to, or even share the same love for Boston Terriers or enjoys eating their fries with mayonnaise instead of ketchup~

He or She could very well be ur soulmate for all you know… and maybe all this might sound a tad unrealistic, but u’ll never know for sure unless your able to open up~  


What’s the most embarrassing moment of your life?

A certain “somebody” might think it was the time i threw up during one of my chinese tution lessons when i was a kid. She’d found that out about me from secretly reading my childhood journals when i wasn’t looking, as well as other embarrassing stuff im sure…

Though, i dont think there is a “one most embarrassing moment” more of a bunch of them. And most of them, if not all, where carried out in the name of women~

I’ve done many stupid things for women… from the things i’d say, to the random acts of romanticism.. Hardly has there been a story of me being told that didn’t involve ‘some girl i was chasing’… But after years of idealistic chivalry & nights spent trying to ‘win the girl over’ only to go nowhere with it… I realized that what was my problem, and that i’d been doing it wrong all this while. If there was anything i’d learned from these 23 years of frolicking around with women, is that the man never chooses the woman.. all he can do is give her an opportunity to choose him…..