Wise Men in Their Bad Hours

I visited Sengkang for the first time this morning and I have to say it is a very pretty place. Regions of the purple line have always intrigued me. My recent abscence from the viral world has had me spend most of my time reading or workin out at the gym, which was what lead me to Sengkang in the first place as a matter of fact. I never did like workin out alone, unless u counted my ipod as a silent  accomplice…

Had to  change my mode of transport twice just to get there… but the weather today had the potenital for downpour and being able to see the grey of the sky float in from the distance made the place even more appealing. If you took notice, u’d realize there’s lots of bits & pieces of empty land which tends to bring focus to the landscape instead of seeing building after building, which most districts in the town so desperately seem to wanna imitate. Its probably gonna be a matter of time before the bureaucrats decided to drop a fancy European-named Condo there~

The good thing about a place like Sengkang’s that its got this whole suburban feel to it. It’s the kinda place that doesn’t exactly have anything prominent to make everyone wanna go there and turn it into a fuckin’ circus city. Which is a good thing… I mean look at wad happened to the west~ It’s got that Mall near the station which is cool with those high ceilings I always like. Thats always a good thing, every heart land should have one of those, as well as a communitiy center/sports hall place for your daily recreational activities & wad not..

oOh, and the architecture for the estates is definately a worth a mention…  In between the blocks were these little “secret gardens” with spiral stairwells and metal bridges that lead for one building to another. It felt pleasently foreign, I was ever so amused~

So anyway, Im about 12 days into my whole so-called “McCandless Experience” ( After Christopher McCandless, in case some of you didn’t see the movie or read the book “Into the Wild” & not get the analogy of the title ) and I’ve had 2 Alfred Hitchcock movie nights, caught a couple of indies and black-&-whites, and had a rather nice time reading through the original Juile/Juila Project~

I still have so much more to see, I could go on forever bout movies but alas I’d digress. The recent floods to the neigbhouring countries which have, according to the news, is the cause of showers in the early parts of the day. I’ve become aware of how much better I function when the weather is nice and cool. But its been a long time since I had woken up to a beautiful morning quite like today’s. Though hot as well, it was terribly beautiful and will be remember for about a week then subsiquently forgotten~

I blame trashy oriental music and global warming to be the death of this world… shouldn’t be too long now eh? According to the Mayan Calander that is….

Apocalypse. Now?

 “Nobody here but us servantless American cooks… GOODBYE AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL!”



I used to think Sundays were boring… 
A quarter the people in the world would be at church for half the day & the rest would probably be busy hanging out with their parents.

Yes.. Sunday has always been considered unoffical Family Day, which ment I’d be spent most of my Sabbath bumming at home watching videos of funny cats and epic failures on Youtube to pass the time. I can’t really blame them… I for one never did take on the Sunday Family Day tradition seeing as how I hated going out with them. Not that I don’t enjoy spending time with them or anything. It’s just, my family wasn’t the sort you’d wanna go Kite Flying or watch “Le Miserables” with. At least that was the impression i got…

No, it was Korean Drama night at the Tan Family Home on Sundays.
Come to think of its, it was Korean Drama Night EVERYNIGHT at the Tan Family Home… cept on Sundays it was a whole day event. Which was fine & all, but it just was never my thing and on certain Sundays, I’d be content with just watching a movie online or read a couple of comics I’d borrowed from the local library if I had happened to visit one. Sometimes. although rare, I’d find someone to go out with, and I’d get to pass the time outside & everything would be fine. But recently, on the count of my current “Unemployment” situation, I have no choice but to remain indoors for the time being.

The first few days were okay. I mean, it was pretty relaxing  spending time with yourself  having absoultely nothing on your schedule. I read alot, watched tons of movies, listened to music. The other day I went to the market & bought all the groceries I wanted & passed the time cooking extravagant meals for myself and cleaned the windows while listening to Led Zeppelin. It was cool & all but after awhile, I’d fine myself just waitin for the day to pass once I’d ran out of stuff to do, it was incredibly frustrating to endure  and I needed something(anything) to just, happen…

Maybe news of a asteroid hurtling towards Earth or evidence that 2012 will actually occur.. anything that could bring some kinda change to this god forsaken place. Of course that news never came, & after a day spent watching episodes of “Californication” & “Good Will Hunting” I poured a glass of red wine from a bottle my mother bought recently and sat at the edge of my door to read. Every so often I’d glance up and look at the pale night sky and ponder.. of certain events, past & present. I’d question existence & ponder over “the meaning of life” in hopes to rationalize everything…

I must say, I get alot of my revelations & epiphanies from when I’m smoking by myself outside my corridor. I live on the 11th Storey of my block and it overlooks my entire neighbourhood and sometimes when i step out for a cigarette I’d take in the view and the reality of how insignificantly small we are. Scientists believe that there are a multitude of solar systems out there, not just our own. That every star we see at night could very well be a Sun belonging to some other unknown Universe and other vast scientific hocus pocus theories that we can’t even begin to comprehend and I am extremely humble by that reality.

Yet something as simple as Love can make you feel like ur above all of that~
I would like to believe that each and every individual was put on this Earth for a reason, that there is some divine being who has a plan for everyone and that their purpose in life will soon be revealed to them in some astral form of some sort. But I get more & more cynical each day when I turn on the news and hear about people killing each other over a tic tac or whatever…

It frustrates me that I can’t do anything about it.
None of us can, really… Besides, I have my own shit to worry about right?
Gotta get good grades, earn more money… do the laundry, get home in time to catch CSI:MIAMI~

I dunno what it is that gives me purpose anymore seeing as how everything just seems so superficial…
But I’m guessing its one of those ironies of life that you gotta deal with…

So yeah, food for thought next time you look up at the night sky or… you know, when your bored and don’t have shit to do on a Sunday~