Black & Gold~

I bumped into one of my neighbours on the way to work this morning… He was taking his kids to school and we happened to share the same lift down.
He had 3 little girls and one of them called me an “Uncle”, to which i replied I was not..

“I know this Uncle..”
“Well I know you too little girl~”

She gave me the cutest little smile and we went our seperate ways…
This neighbour of mine.. he’s the luckiest man on Earth & I think he knows it too~




Beautiful night we’re having, wouldn’t you agree?


say hello to my little friend….

It’s such a beautiful day today I decided to rumage through my Mom+Sis’s “Big Bag of Make-up Stuff” n give myself a heterosexual facial… Now my skin’s all moist and exfoliated & while I admired the smooth texture of my skin in the bathroom mirror, the aftermath of what I had just done began setting in for a brief moment but alas, I quickly dismissed the thought…

“It’s totally normal!”  I said to myself….
“Manly men do it all the time.” (: 

Whislt doing research on Chinese Customs for one of the Intercultural Questions in my upcoming exam, I found out that Latern Festival, Mooncake Festival & the Mid-Autum Festival are ALL ONE IN THE SAME! It quickly dawned to me that I’m was indeed, the worst Asian person ever… 

Took a tiny little break from muggin to watch Scarface and now I have a new found fear/respect for Cuban immigrants… and God Damn I love this weather, it baffles me why everyone on facebook is complaining about it..  Haven’t you people had enough of the scorching humidity Singapore has to offer?

Days like these make me wanna wear a coat and pretend I’m in Europe…
but alas, im not… so yeah~

I should really get back to work now. Mom’s buying Lasanga home for dinner & I will revel in it’s cheesy glory but until then, here’s a picture of some home-made salad (: