Westside Story~

My journey to the West begins by waking up at 5 in the morning and slowly making my way to the bath room to wash up. This means spending about a minute or so just standing under the shower & not move till I realise where I am and actually start cleaning myself… Mom’s not up yet to make me breakfast and theres usually not enough time for me to make my own so I’d just grab my stuff n head out…

The sky at this time’s still that colour where the sun’s not really up yet but u know it’s not night time… and you’d think there’d be no one on the streets at this time but it’s strange the number of people i see on the trains & buses, seeing as how I’d figured I’d be the only loser boarding the train @ 5.30 in the morning~ It takes about an hour and 15minutes to get to where I’m suppose to go and thank god for Joanne for lending me her earphones. Having mysteriously lost them in camp, my train rides have been rather dull and routine till now… so kudos~

The place we don’t speak off in the West of the West, to my surprize isn’t all too bad… time sort of passes rather quickly when we go out for training or when we’re in the room playin Monopoly.. but then again, there’s only so much of “Do-not-pass-go-do-not-collect-200-dollars” a person can take… we end late almost everyday and the journey back is painful and unforgiving…

I’ve somehow managed to avoid the next week of  West Side through means of which I dare not disclose over said medium… so my journeys to the smelly West have been ceased.. for now at least~ I’ve got plenty of work to do but my procrastination has gotten the better of me and I should really check my lazyness at the door & start getting my shit in order~ Exams are a comming not to mention the presentation due next week… add that with the surgery on tuesday n the D-O-A-L on wednesday, i really need to start getting some of this load of my back…

At least the weather’s being nice…
It’s days like this that makes me feel as though Im somewhere else & not still stuck in this god forsaken country~

I had a sudden flashback of when we used to still hang out…  I still hate what you’ve done but I can’t help but wonder what could’ve been…



Au Naturel~

Get a load of all the Pasta I’ve been whippin’ up over the past week…
Pretty tasty stuff don’t u think?

I got a brand new computer yesterday from the IT Fair (: It’s been ages since I’ve had a proper way of accessing the internet aside from always having to Facebook and Msn on my iTouch… so yeah, happy days!  And kudos to my Mom for getting it for me and helping me lugg it back home, she’s the sweetest thing~

I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that there’s no way of me getting outta having to go to West Side tomoro… I’ve been dreading it ever since we’ve been instructed to go there a month ago. Theres nothing i can do to fight it anymore cept get as much Medical Appointments and Leaves as possible to reduce the number of days i have to be there… it’s already starting to take a toll on me~

I caught GreenZone recently and i must say, i really enjoyed it~ Theres been alot of Pro-American themed movies showing up ever since the whole terrorism thing started and it’s nice to have an honest take on how the insurgency on Iraq could have actually started, of course we’d probably never know for sure…  the film was  actually inspired by an adaptation of a non-friction novel, Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Indian-American journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran who was a correspondent covering the war in Afghanistan and it kinda showed how ruthless American bureaucracy can be.

At least some countries still believe in democracy….
unlike a certain South East Asian dot of a city~ -_-

Your really starting to grow on me and i must say i do love ur sandwiches (:

One day at a time~

I was standing outside my house earlier this afternoon enjoying a cigarette when i heard a commotion coming from my old secondary school just beside my block. A class of kids were practicing their cheers at the sports hall for an event or whatever so i stood there for a bit watching them..

They were smartly dressed and sang praises of the school, cheering loudly bout how “you won’t regretting choosing Pasir Ris Crest” and how great life would be, etc…

 They also spoke of friendship and the mottos of the school…

“Being Righteous..”
“Caring for one another..”

They sang with great vigor the adventures and experiences they’ve encountered, having been part of the school… having come so far in their lives & being thankful for having such a stepping stone~

It kept on going for a few minutes and i stood watching…. and oddly enough, I began envisioning how, in the years to come, these kids would grow up to be great leaders of the world.. Lawyers, Doctors… Influential Politicians that would change the world and fix the ozone layer problem and end Global Warming~

I looked at these kids & I saw potential in them & I wondered if anyone ever saw potential in me when i was that age, when i was in that school… I envied their youth and their compassion… it reminded me a lot of how totally opposite i was when i was 15~

I wondered to myself if i had changed.. if i had improved as a person… whether or not the things i’ve done from then till now had made a difference in anyone’s life.. whether I’ve made my mark in society…  I started to wonder if I’ve become that person i’ve always wanted to be back when i was 15, or if i had even changed at all~

I stood there outside my door, watching them till they ended their little number before going back inside… It was rather nostalgic to watch, and you can’t help but feel a little sadden having realized how i’ve had my share regrets in the past… From the decisions i’ve made and the paths i’ve chosen…  We’re only human after all~

But thats life i suppose… it’s not about the number of fuck-ups you’ve made, but the ability to learn from those mistakes and realize that you still have to move on, you have to keep going…

I do miss my younger days.. 
But I’m looking forward to what’s to come in the future~

Maybe the way I’ve been living my life hasn’t always been perfect, but in some way, I’m pretty contented with my past. For had it not been for my fuck-ups, i would not have turned out to be the person i am today. 

And so, i make this statement here…
that although I may not be equipped to take on the Future…..
I’d like to think Im at least ready to take on the World~

Anyway, my heart goes out to Haiti, i hope the Mayans weren’t right about the end of the world… I’m not done with the world yet~