Today was a rather warm day so i decided in the morning that i was gonna stay home and think of recipes of what to make with the Macaroni i got from Mustafa Centre last night..  I thought of maybe mixing it up with a bit of herbs & bacon. Everyone loves bacon… cept maybe Jews & Muslims… but I’m sure they’d like it too if their faiths didn’t get in the way~

There wasn’t much ingredients left in the pantry so i stole $50 bucks from my Mom and & went down to the Supermarket for a grocery shopping spree despite initially deciding  on remain indoors for the entire day but soon decided that not getting dressed up or going to anywhere pass Tampines would still be considered relatively, fine…

i do this more often than most of you would think a guy in his early twenties would… buying groceries & shit~ It’s a rather satisfying experience. Makes me feel very Bachelor-ish, which is kinda logical since I’m pretty much home alone all the time & get to cook wadever the hell i want, which is usually either Pasta or more TV Dinners.

Despite having a bunch of people asked me out today for movies & dinner or wadever,  i turned them down to stay home to play Ironchief with a box of mac+cheese. I was pretty tired from last night’s episode, though i might have reconsidered had the part about me being emotionally stabbed by a certain psycho bitch not come into play -_-

So i go to the store after mysteriously falling asleep on the sofa for about an hour & got there at about 4 in the afternoon. I figured there wouldn’t be as many people considering the time & day & all, but goodness was it crowded & my hair keeps getting tickled by those Lantern decorations they hung on the ceilings on the count of I’m just too tall(awesome)..  didn’t even get to push a trolley around so i used a basket instead & spent about an hour before heading home once more~

The thing about doing your own grocery shopping is that you get to buy wadever u feel like eating/cooking as compared to when your mom does it… which explains the bag of tater tots & abundance of Cheese~

Here we have an order of 500Grams of glorious streaky b-b-bacon..  hallelujah~

And of course, one of the most important ingredients used in Italian Cuisines…  Praise the LORD!~

So this was the box of macaroni i was talkin about that i got from Mustafa last night, along with a ‘Ready-to-Eat in 6mins’ pack of Masala Rice, but thats not important right now cause tonight’s Pasta night and all is well in the world~

I turn my stove on & start boiling & frying and stirring all this shit together, mixed a bit of this, added abit of that and oh my god i just made myself an awesome dinner all within a mere 20mins whilst listening to Bon jovi :)

thats about… 100,000 calories right there from the chedder & Parmesan all mixed together…

it’s a sin.. my macaroni is a sin~

You hurt me real bad & i hope i never bump into you in trains or at restaurants…
i have done nothing to have wronged you other than trying too hard to be there for you. So, if u will, I’d wish you’d oblige me now in leaving me alone and just walk the other way should u see me coming u horrible horrible person you~


big adventures in little Town~

Mom & Aunt Doreen came back from their trip to Korea last night. They’ve been gone for a week & the days without the mother had been fairly unrestrained & much to my liking, though i did miss her dearly & I’m glad she’s back  now, so yeah… The Bff was kind enough to pick us up from the airport, she’s ever so nice, one wonders why she’s still single~

The mother talked about her adventures in Seoul. Of how she visited Ancient Temples which resided fragrantly upon the tips of frozen lakes & the windy gondolas rides up the snowy mountain tops.

I was never really a big fan of K-Town, didn’t fancy their food &  thought all of them acted like how they did on the Teley… but then again, anywhere beats being in Singapore, everyone here’s mean as shit~

Mom really let herself go in the spending department when she told us she spent Five Thousand Dollars on some 100 yr old Gingseng she probably got from some old guy who lives in a poppy field -_-.  I don’t even know she got the Five grand from.. Probably sold my life insurance policy or something…

I opened up the huge Duffel bag the next morning to see what Five thousand bucks worth of Gingseng looks like…

Didn’t really look like much.. just a bunch of random boxes with all the different assortments of the bitter tasting root…  Honey Gingseng, Golden Gingseng… theres even a cream for god knows what~

Whatever makes my mom happy i suppose… at least the next time i decided to buy like an X-box or something, she’d just have to shut up about it~

haha… look how cute she is :)

Seriously mom, five thousand dollars… good god -_-

. . . . . . .

ps: at least your not ignoring me anymore.. sort of~