World’s End~

It’s nice to finally have time to sit and write a proper blog post… I haven’t been utilizing this space too much and it’s startling knowing how really really bad i am at managing my own time. I blame the calamity on the country’s fast-pacing society… that and Rap Music~

Now that we’ve turned operational, life in camp’s been really calm. I look forward coming to work  and hang out with my friends, and  having our ORD date draw nearer which each passing day just makes things feel more somber and that our journey will be reaching an end soon which is kinda gay to say but really sad…

We spent most of the week just chillin’ and playing cards in our room, occasionally headin out to do some minor chores and shit. Caught “Children Of Men” on my itouch in the afternoon and my god, i can’t remember the last time i watched such an exceptional movie…  Clive Owen’s like an English Keanu Reeves, just slightly more expressive and with a little more grace. i loved him in SinCity and he was great in this movie too which was really good & i enjoyed it thoroughly~

The year’s coming to a closing. I must say they keep getting better and better… ’09 was rather queer at first but I’ve experienced amazing things this year, been to beautiful places and met wonderful people. Despite it’s rocky start, i had a good time, and i hope everyone else’s was as well, so yeah~

oh yes, and xmas is coming…
and i’m hungry for turkey~

ho ho ho~



Often the proceedure for when i’m ill is that firstly,  i pop all the Fever Meds the Doctor prescribed to me then fall off into the drug induced sleep from which i’d have dreams of floating fishes and other hallucinogenic delusions one would often get from licking toads, and upon waking up from this out-worldly experience, i’d feel better…..

It didn’t exactly turn out this time round and i’m still feeling rather cranky from the ineffectivness of my “(pills go)Down-and-(lights go)Out” method~

Despite of this, i guess i do feel a slight improvement from the night before…
the fact that i’m on the computer would suggest that as well~

Hopefully all will be well by tomorrow morning & i wouldn’t have to waste another day of stoning & frequently waking up in the middle of an intoxicated nap to look for food & pee~

And dammit i need a new pair of glasses -_- ~